Tink’s Red Road Rocket


2009 ST1300A                                                        1995 ST1100


Company sale pictures

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      Laminar LIP                                                                          …with NT700 covers, for that OEM look ;-)

ST1300_LIP2.jpg   NT700covers1b.jpg 


Corbin Seat




Tip Over Bars by



Farkels, Body Off

ST1300_body-off1.jpg ST1300_body-off2.jpg


Air Horn


Power Plug

ST1300_power1b.jpg ST1300_Power2b.jpg ST1300_power3b.jpg


Turn Signal Mirror LEDs





Sonic Fork Springs

1.2kg/mm springs, 125mm (4.9") spacer, 18mm (3/4") preload

7W fork oil, level 125mm, volume 17oz (503ml)




BMW Grips


These are the best grips I have ever owned, bar none.


 Honda Wind Deflector vs. Suzuki Hand Guards

ST1300-MirrorAirDeflectors.jpg    V-Strom Hand Guards.jpg

I wanted to reduce the wind hitting my hands but was not crazy about the look or functionality of the Honda OEM “Wind Deflectors”

So I decided I would try a set of Suzuki V-Strom hand (“knuckle”) guards on my ST1300.

I ordered the guards, 57341-27G01-291 Rt. and 57541-06G10-291 Lt. and two (2) of the special bolts, 57431-06G00.

Thought this was going to be a simple plug&play installation, but NOoooooo...

What I found out is that the left (clutch) side, was a straight install, but on the right (throttle) side the head of the bolt would not clear the recess in the top of the
Honda brake lever housing. Hmmmmmm...

My solution was to machine (grind in my case as I don't have a lathe) the base of the bolt head down to fit.

ST1300 V-Strom Hand Guard Hardware.jpg

Once that was done I was back to plug&play.

I chose to use Honda hex (us old guys still call then Allen) head screws to match the rest of the bike.

I have a Gen-II Heli Bar plate which moves the bars back thus allowing the hand guards to just clear the dash and tank perfectly.

I used a 3/4" sanding drum to enlarge the "U" shape on the bar end of the hand guards to fit the inner land of the Honda bar end weight.

On the throttle side I installed one (1) flat washer between the step lands of the bar end weight to space out the weight to clear the throttle grip.

The really cool part about these hand guards is that I can remove them in minutes by removing just one screw and a nut.